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Below you'll find the product that you have added to your shoppingcart. In order to make sure that you order the correct products straight away, we would like to offer you small checklist with point to take into consideration before placing an order. If you have any question you can contact us during office hours via the chat function. You can also contact us via phone: 073-624 03 75, or via e-mail:

Not all products are compatible with each other unfortunately. This means that occasionally you'll need an adaptor to combine both products. In certain situations this combination isn't possible at all. Via our compatibility-guide we would like to offer you some more insight in the subject. Below are some general points to consider.

  • Are you sure you know what connector-type you need? Fixed phones often use a RJ-connector, while softphone solution usually also offer a USB connection. Not completely sure? We can help you.
  • Did you choose an item with a QD connector, make sure you have chosen the correct QD connection. Every brand has its own QD connector.
  • Are you going to use your headset with Microsoft Lync or Skype for Business? Make sure your product is certified for use with these programs. You can usually see this thanks to addition of: MOC, MS, Lync or ML in the productname.
  • Did you choose a portable radio? keep in mind that a portable radio with a transmission capacity of more than 0.5 watt needs a license to be used. We can help you with this, contact us for a free consultation on the possibilities and services we can offer. We can also program the portable radio's with customer-unique settings.
  • Not all portable radios are sold with a charger. If you need one, take care that you select the correct version of the product.
  • Not all portable radios are sold with an earpiece or headset. If you need one, take care that you select the correct version of the product.
  • The range from a portable radio depends on the models, the frequency and your surroundings. If you need more information on this subject and want to know what the needs are for your situation, we recommended contacting us.
  • If you already have portable radio's in use, and you are looking to expand the set, be careful that these devices always need to have the same transmission frequency. To avoid disappointment we recommend contacting us before placing an order.
  • Don't forget to enter your VAT-number in your profile!

To prevent disappointment or miscommunication regarding the delivery time, we highly recommend looking at the estimated delivery time in the overview below.

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