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As part of GN Netcom, Jabra profiles itself as an independent brand focusses on developing, fabricating and offering wired and wireless headsets for mobile phone, callcenters and office environments. Jabra finds its origin in the invention of Elwood Norris, who in 1983 started the company Norcom Electronics Corporation in order to develop ear-radio's and ear-microphone technology. At the end of 1984 American Technology Corporation bought all remaining shares from Norcam, which was sold again in 1988 to Norric Communications Inc. (Currently e.Digital Corporation) for the royalties from the sale of the EarPHONE product. In 1993 the assets from EarPHONE and Norcom was sold to the former Norcom personel: Randy Granovetter and Brean Murray, who transformed it into Jabra Corporation. Under their guidance, Jabra developed the first in-ear microphone and speaker, patented the company EarGels, developed the Noise Cancelling technologie, became the first headset developed for wireless tuning and created the marketing segment for mobile headsets with the Motorola StarTec product. In 2000 Jabra Corporation was taken over bij GN Netcom, which is a division of the Danish GN Great Nordic. GN Netcome devided its Contact Center and Office under the Jabra umbrella in 2006, which also included Mobile in 2008.

​Jabra products

Despite the many changes seen in the past of Jabra, it has always kept its focus aimed at innovation. The creation of innovative technologies or the combination of old technology with innovative functions are a constant process within the company. This leaves Jabra to create solution today for problems that won't rear their head tomorrow. One of the many qualities that has put Jabra in the foreground. The current assortment of products is designed for comfort, usability, quality of sound and durability. A Jabra headset should not just be very snugg, it should actually improve your daily tasks.

​The best headset for you

Every situation asks for a different solution. Within your company you probably have busy environments as well as more quiet places. In certain places you might be looking for excellent Noise Cancelling properties so your employees can have crystal clear conversations. In other places you might want to put the focus on usability and comfort, such as answering the phone without sitting at your desk. Pretty much every situation has a suitable solution thanks to the extensive assortment of products. This makes it possible to quickly continue with tasks that have your upper most priority.

​Get your Jabra at Lumidee

Ever since 1993, we are "preferred supplier" for Jabra headsets and telecomsolutions. This shows that we hold on to a certain level of customer service that matches that of the respected quality service provided by worldwide top brands such as Jabra. If you have any questions regarding Jabra products, or if you are looking for a matching solution for your problem, don't hesitate to contact us via 073-751 43 00 or sent an e-mail via our contact-page.

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Jabra kabel 2,5mm jack - RJ9

RJ-9 to Sub-mini phone Male (2.5mm). Allows phones with 2.5mm headset jacks to Jabra/GN wireless headset systems
£ 15.50 ex tax £ 8.20 ex tax
More information >

Earcushion donut grey

£ 0.99 ex tax £ 0.64 ex tax
More information >

Earcushion grey foam closed

£ 0.75 ex tax £ 0.49 ex tax
More information >

GN Netcom cable QD to Mini USB

£ 21.00 ex tax £ 11.12 ex tax
More information >

GN-Charger Jabra GO 6400 HS EU

£ 25.00 ex tax £ 22.43 ex tax
More information >

GNNetcom QD coiled cord

Connection cable to connect a Jabra QD headset to a telephone with an RJ connection.
£ 21.00 ex tax £ 11.12 ex tax
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