Speakermic / RSM

Imtradex HT5 + MTH650/800

This modern handheld microphone with dynamic speaker is super ergonomic and waterproof. It can be used separately from the radio, for example on the belt, through the 360 ° rotating clip. It can also be used on a car dashboard via the specially designed holder. In addition, the Imtradex HT5 handheld microphone can also be connected to an external earphone. This gives the user much more freedom of movement and he can focus on the real work. This speaking agency can be delivered completely customized for the desired applications. At the same time, the customized communication equipment offers a maximum ergonomic and practical effect for the users. The solution is already successfully used in practice at various police fire and security forces.
Manufacturer part number: 06HT5-7
Manufacturer: Imtradex
Delivery date: 5 days
£ 204.24 incl tax
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