Imtradex headsets for the professional user.

Imtradex has grown to become one of Europe since 1996 ; s largest and leading headsets manufacturers. Imtradex is mainly aimed at business use. The company develops, produces and distributes audio systems and telecom systems in various industries. The German brand stands for high quality, reliability and flexibility. Whether it is a call center environment or a work environment with more difficult circumstances. An Imtradex headset offers a communication solution on every work floor.

The Imtradex headsets from our collection.

In our collection you will find headsets from the Imtradex BusinessLine . These Imtradex headsets are lightweight, yet sturdy thanks to the use of high quality materials. In addition, the headsets from this series are also extremely comfortable to wear thanks to the ear pads made of Coolmax active. The highest standard in terms of comfort. Finally, your hearing is always protected thanks to Acoustic Shock Protection that protects the ear from sudden loud noises and noise canceling that counteracts background noises. The Imtradex headset is a headset that is suitable for every business user. In addition to headsets from the Imtradex brand, you will also find headsets from other major brands.

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