End of Sales Motorola CLP446

END OF SALES Motorola CLP446

Production of the predecessor of the new CLPe, the Motorola CLP446, has stopped and this model will be disappearing from the range. We still have a considerable amount stock, so if you're not considering switching to the new CLPe model yet, and you want to move forward with the familiar CLP446?

Order our last stock now, before it is SOLD-OUT!

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Motorola CLP446 Magnetic Case

£ 35.00 ex tax £ 30.14 ex tax
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Motorola CLP446 single unit charger EU

Loose charger for Motorola CLP446 & CLPe series - 1 charging station.
£ 75.00 ex tax £ 64.59 ex tax
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Motorola CLP446/CLPe multi unit charger EU/UK

Motorola CLP446 and CLPe serie multi unit charger EU/UK - 6 charging stations.
£ 250.00 ex tax £ 215.30 ex tax
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