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Plantronics history

The American Plantronics started in 1961 as Pacific Plantronics when Courtney Graham and Keith Larkin, pilots at the time; submitted a design for a new type of headset for airplane pilots. The models at the time where very big, cumbersome and heavy, a problem that Courtney and Keith could solve thanks to a revolutionairy design. When the airplane union United Airlines approved the new design, the company was born. Just a year later the first commercially available headset was offered to the general audience. From that moment Plantronics kept on growing and developing into a worldwide recognized A-brand within the field of headsets and telecommunication.

​Plantronics products

A key feature in the collection from Plantronics products has always been; developing and renewal. The company spents today thinking about the technology for tomorrow. This often ends up in options, functions and technical possibilities that others haven't even thought off yet. In 1980 they created a line of products that made use of infrared technologie, which allowed headsets to be used completely wirelessly. Since 2003 the company has the CS50 wireless headset in its assortment, aimed at the use with telecomappliances in office environments. By using the Unified Communications (UC) technology, the CS70N, the CS500 and the Savi 700 series are heavily developed and worldwide appreciated for their properties. Trustworthy and proven technology with current-day functionality and possibilities.

​Headset out-of-space

​Of all the brands in the world, only a few can say that their products have been in space. Plantronics is one of those priviliged brands that can add this unique recognition to its portfolio. In no more then 11 days the experienced Plantronics and the NASA team was able to create a headset that was used by Wally Schirra during the Mercury-Atlas 8 mission in 1962, and allt he following mission. The special SPENCOM-NASA headsets are actually still used today by NASA!. The famous words "That's one small step for man..." spoken by Neil Armstrong during the first moonlanding, where transmitted via a Plantronics headset as well.

​Buy your Plantronics

​Lumidee has been a "preferred supplier" for Plantronics products since day 1. This means that we have proven to Plantronics that we are the right professional partner that uphold their values in customer service. This direct coöperation allows us to provide you from the correct information and details surrounding your Plantronics products. You can reach us via 073-751 43 00 or sent an e-mail via our contact-pagina to get an answer to all your questions. Obviously you can also use the chat-function on the website during office hours.

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API-28,EHS CABLE,3.5mm

Connection cable to connect between EHS and Apple iPhone via 3.5mm. Delivered without EHS.
£ 41.00 ex tax £ 21.70 ex tax
More information >

Earcushion donut grey

£ 0.99 ex tax £ 0.64 ex tax
More information >

Earcushion grey foam closed

£ 0.75 ex tax £ 0.49 ex tax
More information >

HIC-1 Inline amplifier + QD Plantronics

  • Connections: QD
£ 36.00 ex tax £ 19.05 ex tax
More information >

HIS Adapter Kabel + QD Plantronics

  • Connections: QD
£ 36.00 ex tax £ 19.05 ex tax
More information >

Panasonic KXNT553NEB

£ 265.00 ex tax £ 237.73 ex tax
More information >

Plantronics APA-23 EHS Alcatel-Lucent

EHS-cable (electronic hook switch) for external conversation-control of deskphone.
£ 41.00 ex tax £ 29.06 ex tax
More information >

Plantronics APA-2A EHS Alcatel

Plantronics cable between the EHS and an Alcatel phone.
£ 39.99 ex tax £ 21.17 ex tax
More information >
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