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Poly SoundPoint IP 331

£ 109.00 ex tax £ 93.87 ex tax
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Poly SoundPoint IP 430

£ 135.00 ex tax £ 116.26 ex tax
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Poly Backlit expansion module IP670

SoundPoint IP Color Display extension module for SoundPoint IP 670 SIP desktop IP phone.
£ 234.00 ex tax £ 201.52 ex tax
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Poly Computer Calling kit conf phone

Make your Poly SoundStation 2 with display or Poly SoundStation 2 Wireless suitable for conference calls via the Internet
£ 22.00 ex tax £ 18.95 ex tax
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Poly CX3000 Unified Conference Lync

The Poly CX3000 is the only conference phone for Microsoft Lync. This conference phone is an ideal addition for meetings with several people at the same time, in a Unified Communications network. Poly HD Voice ™ makes a normal conference call a crystal clear, interactive meeting.
£ 653.00 ex tax £ 562.36 ex tax
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Poly CX600 IP phone OCS/Lync

£ 230.00 ex tax £ 198.08 ex tax
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Poly extension mics (2pcs) VTX1000

Set of 2 external separate microphones that can only be connected in combination with the Poly Soundstation VTX1000.
£ 220.00 ex tax £ 189.46 ex tax
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Poly HDX 8000-720 Videoconference

£ 15,454.00 ex tax £ 13,308.98 ex tax
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Poly IP6000 Soundstation SIP

The Poly SoundStation® IP 6000 is a very versatile IP conference device, delivering sublime audio quality in small to medium-sized conference rooms.
£ 858.00 ex tax £ 738.91 ex tax
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Poly IP7000, SIP + ac adapter

Supplied with ac adapter, the Poly IP7000 is Poly's latest conference phone. The IP7000 is an improvement over its predecessor, thanks to HD audio that covers the full spectrum of human voice.
£ 1,208.00 ex tax £ 1,040.33 ex tax
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Poly Multi interface for IP7000

£ 166.00 ex tax £ 142.96 ex tax
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Poly Premier CX5100/CX500 Series

£ 646.00 ex tax £ 556.34 ex tax
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