Retail Solutions

Professional wireless communication for retail

As a communication specialist, Lumidee BV also offers various communication solutions for, for example, the retail sector.

United Headsets offers a fully wireless DECT solution for your team's communication on the floor. Communication takes place in a closed DECT system; safe and both literally and figuratively without noise on the line. This system is logged on to your current telephone system. Your employees can opt for a lightweight wireless headset or separate DECT handset.

Featuring the next generation of the successful Motorola Solutions CLP two-way two-way radio, the new Motorola CLPe two-way radio offers retail, retail and hospitality personnel wireless store communication, through a small, lightweight and stylish two-way two-way radio with inline Push-to-Talk that is discreet and can be worn comfortably.

Make your and your employees' lives on the floor easier, safer and more customer-friendly. Save time and therefore money through more efficient communication.

Would you like personal advice on the best approach for you? Please feel free to contact us. We like to think along with you.

Our account managers will be happy to assist you in selecting the right communication solution for your organization.

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Motorola CLP446/CLPe multi unit charger EU/UK

Motorola CLP446 and CLPe serie multi unit charger EU/UK - 6 charging stations.
£ 250.00 ex tax £ 215.30 ex tax
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Motorola CLPe 0,5W (with charger + earpiece)

Unlicensed Business 2-way radio, with single charger unit and earpiece with inline PTT and standard cord.
  • Range: 7,400 m2 / 6 Verdiepingen
  • Speaking time: 20 hours
  • Weight: 100 gram
£ 215.00 ex tax £ 185.16 ex tax
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Motorola CLPe belt clip holster

Discover versatile wearability. Belt clip holster to wear the CLPe series on a belt.
£ 12.00 ex tax £ 10.33 ex tax
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Motorola CLPe Magnetic case kit

Discover versatile wearability. CLPe Series magnetic case kit.
£ 20.00 ex tax £ 17.22 ex tax
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Motorola CLPe Earpiece Single pin

Day-in, day-out performance. Motorola CLPe series improved standard earpiece with in-line PTT.
£ 23.00 ex tax £ 19.81 ex tax
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Motorola Surveillance Single pin CLPe

PMLN8190 - CLPe serie in-line PTT surveillance earpiece.
£ 34.50 ex tax £ 29.71 ex tax
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United Headsets Retail DECT Base

State of the art wireless IP DECT base station that allows the user full mobility.
  • Connections: DECT
  • Sound: Narrowband
  • Sound: Wideband
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United Headsets Retail DECT Repeater

Extend the range of your wireless DECT network.
  • Connections: DECT
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United Headsets Retail handset +charger

Ruggedized Black DECT Handset with Bluetooth 4.1, TFT display, HD audio support and Noise Cancellation.
  • Talk time: 17 hours
  • Connections: Bluetooth
  • Sound: Narrowband
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United Headsets Retail Multi Charger

Multi charger for 6 individual headsets.
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