Skype headsets from Sennheiser

Sennheiser has been the pioneer in developing high quality headsets since 1945. The focus within Sennheiser has always been the quality of sounds from the headset, and no expenses are spared to maintain a frontline position in the field of functions and properties.
With the increases demand and functionality of UC its hardly a surprise that Sennheiser knows how to serve to this market with excellent Skype headsets, with quality being a key functionality. The assortment of Sennheiser offers the consumer a very wide range of choices. Many of the models are available as single and as double available, as well as the choice for a connection via a cable or wireless. This means there will always be a Sennheiser Skype headset that meets your personal preference or requirements. On top of that, the assortment has been expanded with speakerphones that make it possible to have Skype meetings with multiple persons in 1 room.

Sennheisers range of products

Our assortment includes a large range of Skype headsets from Sennheiser. In case you are looking for something specific, or if you have any questions, then we are standing by to answer any of your questions. You can reach us via 073-751 43 00 or sent an e-mail via our contact page. As preferred supplier of Sennheiser, we provide our customers for over 25 years with tailormade advice and service regarding this renowned brand. In combination with the knowledge and experience from Lumidee you will experience an unparalleled level of customer service.

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Sennheiser MB 360 UC

  • Standby time in hours: 300 uur
  • Wearing style: Duo
  • Noise Cancelling: Best
£ 249.00 ex tax £ 214.44 ex tax
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Sennheiser SC45 USB MS

  • Wearing style: Mono
  • Sound: Wideband
  • Weight: 102 g
£ 70.00 ex tax £ 60.28 ex tax
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Sennheiser SC75 USB MS

  • Wearing style: Duo
  • Acoustic Shock protection: Yes
£ 80.00 ex tax £ 68.90 ex tax
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Sennheiser USB-CC x5 MS

£ 45.00 ex tax £ 38.75 ex tax
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