Warranty and repairs


You expect the level of customer service from a top brand to be second-to-none. Lumidee is no exception. Although our products are made with care and attention, a mistake can be made. As a customer you are entitled to warranty. This warranty is either 12 or 24 months, depending per brand. This is shown on the productpage. If the situation arrises where you need to make use of the warranty, please contact us as soon as possible so we can help to find a solution for the situation. U can reach us via the online chat, the contact form or via 073-6240375.


We can also be reached for repairs. There is a wide variety of repairs that can be done right here in our wharehouse, meaning a very short turnover time. Certain situation however require us to sent the item back to the manufacturer, giving a sligtly longer turnover time. We like to discuss the possibilities and how we can help you to solve the situation as best as possible. Please notify us of the repair via Please provide us with the following information;

  • Your name, e-mail and phonenumber.
  • The invoicenumber, found on the receipt.
  • The name and model of the product.
  • Description of the complaint. Try to be as explanatory as possible.

We aim to contact you as soon as possible to address the complaint.


Repair under warranty

Lumidee is distributor and reseller for many different brands of headsets and deskphones with different warranty condition. In case you require a repair, we would like to ask you to sent the repair accompanied by the repair form for the particular product. The repair form can be found on this page. We would ask you to provide a repair form per product.


If you are returning products, please use the returnform found below.


Repair forms::

Support manufacturers

All the products sold by Lumidee have the complete support from the manufacturers.
Jabra / Poly / EPOS | SENNHEISER 
In case you have questions regarding Lumidee, you are free to contact any of the manufacturers we work with;