Why Lumidee

Why Lumidee - The Headset Company

Quality and service are paramount characteristics at Lumidee. Every day we make en effort to provide professional equipment for a competitive price and unbeatable customer service. To achieve this, we've set up some ground rules that make us a unique and valuable player within this market:

  • 14 days free trial
    Are you not sure yet about a certain product, or what would fit your situation best? As a specialist we can send you some test-models you can use without any obligation. After the trial periode of 14 days, you simply return the ones that did not meet your expectations of requirements. This allows you to test our products in your own environment with no cost and no obligation.
  • Specialists in headsets and telecom
    Where our competitors divide their attention on the entire telecom and IT markt, Lumidee keeps a strong focus on headsets and telecom equipment. This has made us a respected authprity in the field of telecom, portable radio's and headsets. Are you looking for a specialist, then you found the right business partner.
  • Fast shipping
    Most products can be shipped directly from our wharehouse. This means that if you order before 16:00, your order will be delivered the next day. In most cases the deliverytime is 2 to 3 days.
  • We are "preferred supplier" for all A-brands 
    We have achieved the status of "preferred supplier" for all A-brands. This means that the manufacturer prefers to do business through us, because we uphold their strict norms and values in our own company-culture. Service and quality are paramount items in this.
  • Always ready for you
    Between the hours of 8:30 and 17:30 we are standing by to take your calls via 073-6240375. You can also use the free chat function on our webshop or sent and e-mail via our contact form.
  • +25 years of professionalism
    For the last +25 years we have been the specialist in the field of headsets. A reputation we have carved in stone thanks to our huge assortment of different manufacturers and brands. Our expertise and experience are available for you to find the perfect solution to your problem.
  • Specialised in B2B
    You are busy doing your job. We understand this. With a focus on the B2B markt we can take the guesswork out of searching for the ideal product. We can sent the item for a free trial period, create custome solutions and help you to find the ideal solution. All whilst you can focus on your work.
  • Strong in responsible venturing
    By doing repairs, cutting down transportweight and volume and the use of recycled material, we contribute to a cleaner futher for the next generation.
  • Direct supply from our own wharehouse
    With most product readily available from our own wharehouse, and direct access to the stock from our suppliers, we can deliver in recordtime. In most cases this means a 24 hours shipping time on workdays. Some exceptions might require 48 hours on workdays.
  • Indepent advice
    We have several brands and manufacturers to our disposable, which means we don't depent on a certain brand. We can look at your wishes and then determine which brand or product best meets your requirement. Indepent of model or brand. Your wishes are always leading.